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Comedic Advertising


With advertising agencies becoming so popular for television shows, it seemed to be long overdue that they get a comedic spin on this seemingly serious business. The new show “The Crazy Ones” seems to do just that, especially if Robin Williams is involved. We’ve always been fans of the funny man and it seems that the cast seems to think so as well, as Sarah Michelle Gellar said, “To me, if you think of the top 10 comics of all time, Robin’s on that list.” It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Robin Williams in the small screen, not since his alien comedy “Mindy and Mork” and we’re excited to see him again.


At the end of the day, the creators hope that “Overall, Winer said, the show “aspires to be a great workplace comedy … It’s a show about a father and a daughter that are reconnecting. Part of the ambition is to be really funny as well as surprisingly emotional and touching.”  

Workplace comedies are a favorite of ours because they are so relatable, and they work well. The Office is a perfect example of workplace comedy done right, so we expect some great things from this new show. With great chemistry between the actors (from what we’ve seen in the previews), a budding bromance, and the perfect mix of funny and comic and heartfelt, the only way this show could be better is with a John Hamm cameo or starring in an episode where he’s the boss of a rival advertising agency.


6 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait To See The Hunger Games Sequel


1. It looks like they got a bigger budget. The first movie was obviously a hit, so it seems the studios had more money at their disposal and they’ve put it to good use. The Capital looks even more amazing, there are more parts of District 12 being shown and Victors Village, among other things.


2. The costumes look amazing! From Katniss’s wedding/bird dress to the over clothing that Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks are wearing, they are some very lucky actresses!


3. The Love Triangle. They always make things just a little bit more interesting in any film, it seems that Gale is finally showing his feeling to Katniss, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the epic battle for Katniss’s heart.


4. Cinna is back. He is one of our favorite characters and the silent contributor to the revolution. His character really shows the power of costumes and image in general and Lenny Kravitz plays him perfectly.


5. The new arena: The new arena promises to be even more dangerous and with a lot more surprises. The cast got to film these scenes in Hawaii, which is always fun and they said that the training for those scenes was even harder, so we can probably expect the scenes to be more intense.


6. Sam Claflin as Finnick O’Dair: No other words are really necessary.  

Need For Originality


Hollywood is a fickle business who doesn’t always know what it wants until it finally gets something good. This summer hasn’t really been so great for movies, riddled with monsters, destruction, and superheroes. Guess what though? It’s not working anymore. Movies like “Pacific Rim” and “Man of Steel” are being compared to the Transformers franchise and say that there is nothing original about these big budget movies.


That makes sense, when “Transformers” came out, it was a fresh and new concept of large robots and prolonged fights scenes, but now it seems that every action movie is following this formula, almost to the point of excess. The main issue being that because it takes so much to make these kinds of effects, movie makers are under pressure to make returns on these big movie effects and just keep getting bigger and bigger.


Well, if it’s true that the American public votes with their wallets, then the wallets have spoken and it seems lower budget movies with more storytelling seem to be popular. Comedy such as “The Heat” for grown ups and “Monsters University” for kids are what the people want. Low budget like “The Conjuring” have also done well this summer.


A message to movie makers: if your movies cost less to make, then the ticket prices don’t have to be as much, and more people will actually go to the movies. Groundbreaking, right? Don’t worry, we still believe in you Hollywood. We know you can do it.


Living the Grumpy American Dream


Only in America, can a picture of an extremely grumpy looking cat become a world famous meme. In fact, so famous that said cat now has its own book. Never heard of the Grumpy Cat? Stop reading this blog, look it up and then come back and read the rest….


Great, you’re back! The book itself, from what we’ve seen of the Amazon preview looks pretty hilarious. It includes some of the best Grumpy Cat memes and images that we have all come to know and love and also tips on how to be grumpy, because it seems that fun is just so overrated these days.


We feel that this is one of those times that we can honestly and proudly say, only in America can a cat have its own book, a most likely successful book. It’ll probably make a great bedtime story for all the little ones and then the parents can secretly read it too afterwards. There’s no shame in enjoying a good book, we’ll read it with you!


Grumpy Cat, if you are reading this blog (which would quite wonderful of you) we will enthusiastically congratulate you on your great book. We’ll know you’ve read this post if we see a meme of you making a new Grumpy post about us. We’ll be waiting Grumpy Cat.

The End of a TV Era?


The Kardashians have become  a household name, not only in America, but now around the world. People have sometimes described them as a family with no particular talent except for knowing how to market themselves, America has been welcome into the daily lives of the ever growing Kardashian clan, but it seems our inside look may end in 2015.


Having been privy to scandals and dramas of the highest caliber, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” has become a study in how to do reality television right. A family insider has been quoted saying, “It has been the biggest reality franchise of all-time. Both Kim and Kris want to make sure they end on a high note, leaving fans wanting more, rather than try and stretch the show on for another few seasons and watch it die a death,”Plus, they are now moving on in their lives. Exploring new options and opportunities. Kim wants to be with her daughter and Kanye, while Kris wants to focus on being a talk show host and maybe start producing movies. She’s telling everyone that one day she will have an Oscar.”


It seems that the Kardashian clan has simply put on too much on its plate to continue filming with E! While the Kardashians will still be present on television and Kylie Jenner’s budding modeling career continues to grow, we will miss our favorite family drama with all the people that we have now all come to know and love.


It’s a good thing we don’t have to even think about saying goodbye until 2015, still a while away.

Forbes’ Highest-Earning Celebrity Under 30



Can you guess who it is? ……OK that’s enough guessing, it’s Lady Gaga! The 27 year old artist exploded onto the music scene years ago with her dance anthem and her increasingly bizarre costume choices and it seems her risks are paying off. Her main financial success coming from her tour and her loyal fan following.


What makes Gaga so great? For one thing, she seems to be an non stop tornado of originality. Never one to repeat herself, Lady Gaga’s is known for her originality and theatricality. While other music stars try to make themselves into one particular image, Lady Gaga seems intent on breaking every known mold in the music industry. That originality seems to be paying off now. She may have once being considered an outsider, Lady Gaga has become a trendsetter in the music industry.


She also is very outspoken on political issues and that activism has earned her a very loyal fan following. As the mother of all the “Little Monsters” she clearly shows her appreciation for the people who helped her get to where she is today. With a new album “#ARTPOP” set to release later in the year, our favorite Lady shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Want to know who else is on the list? Find out here:

Boys vs. Girls


We can’t wait for August second to get here, because it looks like things are stirring up in Tyra Banks’s new season of America’s Next Top Model. It only took 20 seasons and a few overhauls of the entire show, but now 8 guys along with 8 girls get a chance at the coveted title that only Tyra can bestow.‎


It seems that the competition of competing against one another is no longer enough, now it has become a battle of  the sexes. The preview above shows that guys are in in to win it this year and we’re glad to see this new season. We know that when people usually think of model, a woman usually comes to mind, but don’t be fooled.


Do the names Tyson Beckford and Jason Lewis ring any bells? Well they should. There are many male models out there, and they are just as successful as their female counterparts. Last years, Vogue released this article of the Top 25 Male Models Ever ( and the majority of these guys are American.

If the track record of America’s Next Top Model continues, we should be fairly confident that the girls will be having some fierce competition this season. We’re glad to see the guys on the show being treated as competition instead of just eye candy. We can’t wait to see what the male version of a smize looks like!