Why We Love Sherlock Holmes


With all the modern adaptations of the literary classic, it’s easy to see that people love Sherlock Holmes. We love all the adaptations that involved the consulting detective. Benedict Cumberbatch makes Sherlock’s eccentricities and quirks somehow seem downright likeable, Robert Downey Jr. showed Sherlock as an action hero with a dry, but great sense of humor, and Jonny Lee Miller shows a more softer and understated version.


Possibly considered as one the most original characters of all times, Sherlock Holmes is so complex that almost everyone can relate to him. The stories that Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in Victorian England still resonate with us today, but the question is: why?


At the core of this successful story is a really good bromance. Holmes and Watson simply understand each other in ways that no one else can, like all good bromances should be. Watson pretty much accepts Holmes’s eccentric behavior where other people simply become annoyed with it, Holmes provides Watson with the adventure that he so desperately craves. They work well together and you can’t argue with the results.


Sherlock Holmes, the character, is also quite possibly the closest a person has to a superhero that can actually exist in real life. He doesn’t have powers that he got from radioactive spiders or any other kind of radioactivity, he isn’t a God of some kind, and his pockets aren’t lined with money with access to all the cool toys and gadgets known to man. Sherlock Holmes is simply a very smart man, who some might call a “highly functioning sociopath” that chooses to use his mind and logic to catch criminals. This guy can have one look at you and be able to tell your life story, all your quirks, and on a really good day know all your secrets! No it’s not a superpower, it’s just good observation, something we’re all capable of.


He  isn’t perfect, he gets frustrated when he can’t solve the mystery right away, he is an outsider who decides to make up his own profession as a consulting detective, and at the end of the day, he is a really great judge of character. The simple mystery stories can be transferred to a modern day story and still keep the audience guessing.


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