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The Age of the Quirky Kid

We work with a lot of young actors, and we’re noticing a new trend for them when it comes to television. Gone are the days when kids were in the TV shows for the cute factor. The new generation of child actors are now more likely to play more quirky kids. Some great examples would be Manny from Modern Family, Brick from The Middle, or Warren from Trophy Wife.


We are happy to see this new development. The quirk adds a bit more dimension to the actor and shows that child actors are capable of playing the saccharine child that gave way to the term “sitcom kid”. In an effort for TV shows to show more diverse families that are outside the normal dynamic of the cookie cutter nuclear family, it’s not just the adults who have changed, but the children as well.


Not all little kids can be like the ones you saw in “Leave It Beaver”, nor should they be. Besides the fact that they are different, the little oddities about these children become endearing qualities that make audiences fall in love with them and also show the more vulnerable side of the kids and the rest of the adult characters. We hope this is a trend that’s here to stay and that our great child actors can show their quirky side too!



Desperate Housewives Africa

Desperate Housewives was a great show about a small group of best friends. Throw in some crazy secrets, a gated community of nosy neighbors, and poker nights, and you had the making of good tv. What made the show so great to watch is the idea that the grass isn’t greener on the other side (although you could make the argument for Bree’s garden if we were to take that expression literally). All these women had high paying jobs, or their husbands did. They had large houses and well manicured lawns. To the outsider or the casual passer by, their lives did seem pretty close to perfect, but the show proceeded to destroy that notion pretty quickly.


What made the show so great was the fact that it tackled issues that real women face. For example the woman who gave up her job to raise her kids. The woman who tried to make everything perfect for her family, and in the end it still all fell apart. They showed different kind of family dynamics such as a single mother who didn’t need everything to be perfect and a former model who was unapologetic for her less than PC attitude.


The show obviously struck a chord with audiences around the world as there have been remakes in Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and the United States in Spanish, and now there will be one in Africa. “EbonyLife TV’s CEO Mo Abudu says the series will have “an African soul” featuring a cast of new and established pan-African talent that will showcase fashion by Nigerian dress designers. It is to air in summer 2014.” We would love to see how this show interprets the original concept and makes it its own!

The True TV Ratings

In the world of show business, the true worth of TV show and movies comes from the amount of money a company is willing to shell out in order to advertise them. 30 television ads are important because they tantalize the  existing audience to keep watching and give a new one an invitation to see what they are missing. It seems that the list is out and this is how the true hierarchy of shows stacks up.


At the top is Sunday Night Football from NBC and at  the very bottom is “Beauty and The Beast” from the CW. The top rating doesn’t surprise us at all. It’s football season right now and it’s the unofficial national sport. The fans are loyal and enthusiastic. It seems though, that besides “The Vampire Diaries”, “The Originals” and “Arrow” the CW overall doesn’t seem to be getting much love from advertising, which is a shame, because the shows do have a lot of potential.


Television monsters like Scandal, Modern Family, and The Big Bang Theory are still in the top ten. The numbers come from Ad Age’s study. Although it does not consider itself is a survey compiled using data from as many as seven media-buying agencies. You can get the whole list here:


Where did your favorite show rank?


The Happiest Show On Broadway

The musical “Mama Mia” has been going strong for 12 years and the reason to its success is that no matter where they perform, the audience always leaves happy. We’re huge fans of the musical and we always like to share what we love with the internet. Here are some of the reasons why this is the happiest show on broadway.


1. The poster itself puts you in a good mood


2. Those outfits!

The amount of fabulousness it takes to pull off these colors just proves the fierceness of 70s.


3. Abba


Their music is very present in the show and it’s what makes the show so great. The danceability of the music makes you want to groove in your seat and we all know at least one of their hits.


4. The mother and daughter relationship

It’s a universal concept that everyone can relate to.  They seem more like friends and it’s always great to see the love the two characters show for each other.

Literary Characters Discover the Internet

Ever since the success of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, it seems like the classic literary characters everywhere are making their own video blogs. So, if you are in need of more modernization of classic characters, try these web series.


1. A Tell Tale Vlog

Edgar Allen Poe tries to write poetry, while a sassy ghost haunting his study and giving him commentary. We know, Poe isn’t the most chipper of writers, but it’s funnier than you would think.


2. The Autobiography Of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is hard to modernise. Still, somehow this team have done it, and done it well. Jane is a self-aware, Tumblr-using, Harry Potter-reading student who is looking for a change.


3. The Dashwood Diaries

No matter what version of Sense and Sensibility you like, you will love this web series. The relationship between the sisters is fun to watch.

Model Experiences Almost Instantaneous Success After Signing With Casting Hub


Even with an industry that values youth, it’s never too late to get your start in the entertainment industry. Many aspiring model and actors simply need someone to recognize the innate talent that they have, and for Rebecca Hammond, that recognition came one month ago when she signed with Casting Hub. Her vivacious personality and her drive to succeed made it very easy for the Casting Hub judges to see that Rebecca is a force to be reckoned with.

Spurred by the support of the commercial networking service, Rebecca took charge of her future and with the help of Casting Hub, Rebecca was able to get into contact with and sign with Craze Model and Talent Agency. Signing with a talent agency is a significant step in any serious model’s career because it allows access to more modeling jobs. It also speaks to Rebecca’s marketability, something that is vital to everyone in the entertainment industry.

Craze Model and Talent Agency is the perfect fit for Rebecca. As one of the top ranked modeling and talent agencies in the world according to the largest, award-winning talent rating site on the planet IMDB.COM; Craze Model and Talent Agency prides itself in signing with talent that have tangible success and experience, something that Rebecca has in spades. With a leading team of managers and talent agents that have over 60 years of combined experience, it is easy to see how Craze Model and Talent is able to get clients such as Dodge, Coca Cola, Panasonic, Radio Disney, and L’Oreal. It has also placed talent in feature films such as “Spanglish” starring Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni, “The Lone Ranger” starring Johnny Depp, “Stranger Than Fiction” starring Will Ferrell, and “After Earth” starring Will Smith.

This is just the beginning of Rebecca’s budding career in the entertainment industry.  Casting Hub and the talent judges that first discovered her; Blake Michael, Zuzana Monroe, Pierre Giacomoni, Bernadette Heyer, Gloria Giacomoni, and Pedja Igic; can’t wait to see what’s next for Rebecca. For more information on Casting Hub discoveries visit:

Working As An Extra

This week I talk about being an extra on set: what an extra is, what the job looks entails, and why it’s something you might want to try too.