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Enjoying The Rest of the Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving is over, your initial shopping spree is done thanks to Black Friday (we’re assuming you survived the crowds) and the leftovers have been put away for now (they’ll probably be there for a while) so what do you do with the rest of the day? You snuggle up and watch some good movies!

Want something classic? We suggest “The Wizard of Oz”. You’ve probably seen it 100 times before, but seeing it again always puts you in a good mood!

Want something to put you in the Christmas mood? Watch “Love Actually”. It’s both a romantic comedy and takes place during the holidays. It’s been 10 years since it first premiered, you’ll have fun seeing so many now familiar faces.

Feel like dancing? There are a lot to choose from, nothing is better than “Dirty Dancing”! The big move makes you excited every time.


Got A LOT of time? Watch all 3 of them.



Getting Into Character

Getting into character is vital to an actor! I go over character analysis and a few exercises to help you get into character.

Giving Viewers The Full Experience

With movie budgets getting bigger and bigger, there is less room for failure. So how do advertisers ensure that the buzz around their movie is long lasting? The latest advertising move is putting the world of the movie into the real one. “Catching Fire” did a great job of this with their Capitol Couture website and mixing real world fashion with that of the fictional one.


THe same is happening for the new X-Men movie. We see fake commercials  for non-existent sentinels (that are somehow reminiscent of Transformers robots, but on a smaller scale) and now we have an entire website dedicated to the conspiracy of Magneto being the one who was responsible for JFK’s death. These obviously aren’t real, but it’s very clever form of advertising. For those who do know what this is for: they get previews of what’s to come in the movie. For those who have no clue what’s going on: they will become curious and want to know more and that is how buzz is created.


But can all these integrations from the movie world into our world equal movie success? If the opening weekend numbers for “Catching Fire” are any indication, then we might say yes. Let’s see if the same will happen for “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.

Background Actors

The extras are just as important to a movie as the actual stars, because they bring a sense of reality and fullness to the set and the general movie. Sometimes, they’re scene stealers too.


Like this guy, who wasn’t sure what to do with his broom


This guy, who walked through battle like it was nothing


This guy, who’s injury is all in his head


Or this kid, who clearly wanted to tell you a secret!

After “Breaking Bad”


While “Breaking Bad may have been all about Walter White, it’s safe to say that the breakout actor of this show was Aaron Paul’s character, Jessie Pinkerman. But instead of choosing to take a break after the end of the TV show, Aaron Paul has decided that he wants to keep acting.


We already know that he will be starring in the new movie “Need For Speed” an action movie that centers around revenge,


But we have also found out that he will be playing another serious role in the new movie ‘Fathers and Daughters’ with Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried. We know that Seyfried and Paul have great chemistry together, so we’re glad to see that they’re back together for this movie.


Like many other stars that suddenly become in demand, we are glad to see that Paul will not be sitting back, but instead capitalizing on his newfound star power. This moment for Paul is like catching lightning in a bottle, what most actors can only dream of. We’re glad to see that we’ll be seeing more of Paul, and who knows what role he will tackle next.

Choosing A Different Path


If you’ve see “Witches of East End”, then you probably love Mädchen Amick’s character Wendy. The actress herself is similar to the character in the show; she loves to do something different and walk her own path. After her success in “Twin Peaks” instead of being the quintessential are arm candy next to the big Hollywood star, Mädchen decided to play some more interesting roles.


“From that, I ended up choosing more of a career path that wasn’t mainstream, box office, boring female roles that were the decoration on the leading man’s arm,” Amick said. “It made me want to go, OK, I’d rather go and do this weird funky little independent movie where there’s a really cool female character.”


Her new show is the great next step in her new trajectory. We hope that her role as the fun aunt and cool witch will be lasting for a while!

A Best Stunt Man Award?

Jason Statham’s recent interview with Vanity Fair brought up a very good point about stuntmen in the entertainment industry and the genre of action films in general. When we think of Oscar contenders, a movie like “Die Hard” probably doesn’t come to mind. They usually comprise of very emotional and are usually at some level meant to be thought provoking. But where does that leave the action movie genre?


The action movie is usually considered for simply entertaining purposes and not really considered for it’s cinematic merit. And what about the stunt men in this sprawling industry? They should really be considered the unsung heroes of the industry. These are the people that make the major actors like Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie look good on-screen, yet you would have no idea who they are or what they do unless you who someone personally.


There have been some stunt crews that have had small vignettes about them, the ones that come to mind would be from the fighting coordinators for “Spartacus” and for “Game of Thrones” and that’s because they feature unusual weapons. But does that mean that they should be held at the level as costume and set designers who are nominated for Oscars and other major awards? An argument could be argued for it. The job is by no means an easy one. These people put their bodies and well being on the line in order to execute very difficult and intricate moves, it may be time for them to have more recognition for what they do.


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