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CASTINGHUB’S Gabriela Cintron to Be Featured in Indie Film “Quest For Serendipity”

Gabriela Cintron’s star has been steadily rising in the past couple of months with the help of CASTINGHUB. One month ago, Gabriela was part of the short film “Two Step” and now she will be starring in the feature film “Quest for Serendipity”.


The movie will chronicle the journey of Nuensie Suku. Nuensie Suku, or as some may know her as Nancy Oakley, has since become a well-recognized entrepreneur in Texas. She also strives to give back to the community and help those who have been victims of emotional and physical violence.


“Quest For Serendipity” is a documentary style movie about Nuensie Suki and her life. Suku’s story is a modern day version of the American Dream. The film explores Suku’s early life in poverty stricken Thailand, where she sold water from the local temple and was running from the Thai mob. The film will take the audience through Suku’s heartbreaking and inspiring journey from rags to the  successful business woman in San Antonio, TX that she is today.


Gabriela will play Nuensie Suku as a young girl. Though her scenes will be difficult ones, they are a testament to Gabriela’s talent and professional integrity. This role not only shows only shows off Gabriela’s range and talent, it also serves as a inspiration for young actresses everywhere.  Acting is, at its core, storytelling, and Nuensie Suku’s story is one of hardship and overcoming it.

It was just six months ago that CASTINGHUB first saw the talent and passion Gabriela has. The CASTINGHUB judges who first recognized her star quality are overjoyed to see Gabriela’s talent is being recognized by many more entertainment industry professionals. For more information on Casting Hub discoveries


Jaklynn Grange Quickly Finds Success After Becoming A Casting Hub Member

 Utah resident Jaklynn Grange is getting her first taste of success in the entertainment industry with the help of the commercial networking service, Casting Hub. Jaklynn is well on her way to a successful career now that she has signed with Urban Model and Talent in Salt Lake City.

Now a 13-year-old actress, Jaklynn knew she wanted to act and model from a younge age. That exact passion and determination was what first inspired to Jaklynn to join Casting Hub two months ago. The Casting Hub talent advisors saw a twinkle in her eyes, an abundance of talent, a clear determination, and a family that was willing to support her dream; they knew she would soon become a success in the entertainment industry.

Jaklynn knows success is all about actively pursuing your dreams and her story is a great example of persistence. Realizing that expanding her abilities would make her more marketable at just 10-years-old, Jaklynn started taking acting and modeling classes and has been working hard to perfect her craft ever since.

Jaklynn will be in great hands with Urban Model and Talent, Utah’s top booking agency. Representing anyone from extreme athletes to hair and makeup artists to actors, Urban Model and Talent has created a name for themselves in the industry with booking agents who have over 50 years of combined experience with modeling and acting.

For more information on Casting Hub discoveries

Our New Favorite Hero

In the slew of  all the huge superhero movies and shows that are showing up, this superhero blows them out the water!This past weekend, the city of San Francisco and the rest of America saw a wish come true for the newest hero. The Make-A-Wish Foundation helped five-year-old Miles’s dream come true and turned all of San Francisco in Gotham City in one the most heartwarming events in recent history.


Miles’s dream was to be Batman and he did just that. With the help of actors, 11000 onlookers gathered with the power of social media and the goodness of their hearts, Miles helped save Gotham. Miles got to ride a great Batmobile, fight the classic super villains in the Batman lore, and was even given the key to the city and the thumbs ups from the President of the United States.


Such an event truly warms our hearts and shows the power of positivity and what is possible when people work together to make dreams come true. We’re sure that Miles will never forget the day he got to save the city, and we’re sure that the rest of America will never forget such an event either.

Movie Ratings (Part 2)


We did a post 3 months ago about the interesting shift in movies and being concerned about what kids can see. The MPAA is in charge of rating movies and deeming what is appropriate for which age group. Unfortunately, the growing trend of questionable choices seems to only be growing.


A recent study shows PG-13 movies show more gun violence than movies that are rated R. We see movies like The Dark Knight and movies similar to it,  show a lot of violence and the destruction of entire cities. While these movies clearly have a younger audience in mind, does that excuse the exposure of these movies to a younger audience.


Movies like “The Hunger Games” which show a great amount of violence, complicates the situation because it is based on young adult novels. With the rise of this genre in books and movie adaptations of these books, how does the MPAA bases its decisions. The YA genre lends itself to dystopian imagery, but the question is: should a younger audience be allowed to see these almost inherently violent movies.  


It seems that the issue won’t be going away anytime soon.

Casting Hub Newcomer Signs with Same Management Company that Represented Taylor Lautner from Twilight

Casting Hub Newcomer Signs with Same Management Company that Represented Taylor Lautner from Twilight photo 1

Utah resident, Connor Wayment , has had unprecedented success come his way these past two months. His first foray into the entertainment business came when he became a Casting Hub member. Casting Hub’s talent judges saw the Connor not only had a great look, but also boundless talent to it up. Now with the help of the commercial networking, Connor has signed with Luber Roklin.

Connor got his first taste of acting when he played on of Merida’s triplet brothers in a rendition of “Brave” with the “Up With Kids” Theatre. Like other young actors in the entertainment business, he pursues many different talents so that he can be as marketable as possible. His passion for Karate as well as sports such Figure skating, Ice hockey, Snowboarding, Ice skating, Roller-blade, Snowmobile, Soccer, and Swimming make Connor versatile; and that is a very desirable trait to have in the entertainment business.

For those who aren’t familiar with Luber Roklin Entertainment, it is a prestigious management company that represents actors, writers and directors, and has a music division/distribution deal with Warner Music Group.  The company has also ventured into production and has producing credits on several films including “Evan Almighty” starring Steve Carell, and the box office hit “Bride Wars” starring Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway. Luber Roklin also put a then client, Taylor Lautner, in the movie “Twilight”.

Connor is in good hands with Luber Roklin, with the combined help of Luber Roklin and CASTINGHUB, it will only be a matter of time before Connor’s career takes off.   For more information on CASTINGHUB discoveries visit:

Too Much Gaga?


Is there even such a thing possible?


With the release of her new album “Artpop”, Lady Gaga has been extremely busy lately, and we have been seeing almost every move she’s made. From debuting a flying dress, throwing an ArtRave for album launch party, to hosting and performing for SNL, we can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing Gaga anywhere.


The question remains: will this media blitz help album sales. Her single “Applause” is still sitting quite comfortably in the Top 10, but her album has had mixed reviews. Some people have been calling it a mix of everything and others saying that her shock tactics may be getting stale. Those who have worked with Gaga have defended the album and saying “She’s presenting an artistic view of pop music that’s a lot more challenging than anything else that’s even approaching the top of our charts now. She is risking her top success for the sake of art, and I think a lot of people don’t get that” (Bill Werde, Billboard’s Editorial Director) and David Guetta (who worked on the album said “”She’s definitely one of the most iconic artists that we have on the planet, I like the way that she works because she’s just an artist. I don’t see her as belonging to one school. She’s just art. Even though it’s pop music and it can some time have emotional (aspects), pop can also be very commercial. And I like the way that she’s doing pop in a very artistic way.”


Only time will tell if this media presence makes a difference in album sales, but we can never get tired of seeing her!

Playing Walt Disney


“Saving Mr. Banks” is making history as one of the first movies to actually have an actor portray the beloved Walt Disney. That is a big undertaking itself is daunting enough for any actor to try and play one of the most beloved men in recent history. It becomes a little bit harder when deciding to show him as the person behind the brand or the one that the general public is familiar with.


If the trailer is any indication: Tom Hanks has done a great job personifying the legend. He has that midwestern charm and even though he was obviously a fun loving man, he was also a shrewd businessman and creative force. It’s almost funny to see Emma Thompson’s character emphatically denying the things that will eventually make the Mary Poppins movies such a great success. Can you image Mary Poppins without “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”?


The movie itself is creating a lot of buzz for this year’s Oscar race and has a great shot at not only in the category best motion picture, but also one for Tom Hank’s portrayal of the man behind the happiest place on earth. We can’t wait to see the movie when it come out in theaters. How about you?