Best Disney Music

With the success of Frozen in the box office and it’s music being heralded as one of the best that Disney had done in so long, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and count down our favorite Disney songs


10. You’ll Be In My Heart

Anyone who’s watched Tarzan knows this song. It’s the perfect song for Phil Collins fans and the perfect song for anyone that loves a good rock ballad.


9. Just Across the River Bend

It just makes you want to run toward an adventure!


8. I’ll Make A Man Out of You

It’s a great song to get you pumped! (Especially when you’re in the gym!)


7. A Friend Like Me

Who wouldn’t want a genie as a friend? The Aladdin soundtrack is one of the most fun and lighthearted ones to date, especially this one!


6. I Got A Dream

Tangled was a great movie and any time that you get to see a bunch of burly villainous looking guys sing about their dreams, you will want to join.


5. Under the Sea

Everyone knows the words to this song, so sing along with it!


4. Be Our Guest

Be sure you see this video when you’re full! It’s the perfect song to get in a chorus line and dance the night away! We love you Lumiere!


3. The Gospel Truth


Who knew Greek mythology and the Gospel Truth were the perfect mix? We the Muses to play at our party!


2. Part of Your World


It’s a sweeping epic song and a moment in Disney history that we love! Every girl knows the words to this song!


1. The whole soundtrack to The Lion King


We couldn’t choose a favorite, they’re all too good!

Which is your favorite Disney song?


The Pressures of Fame

Joe Jonas’s paper seems to highlight the struggles of growing up in the lime light. His essay highlights many things including keeping to his Disney brand and basically trying to remain as youthful as possible, staying in a relationship with Demi Lovato and the incident in 2010, among other things.


It is well known that Disney can be a star maker, as some of the most talked about and sought after celebrities of our generation have some kind of Disney background, but few people really realize just how hard it is to actually be an actor, singer, etc. The entertainment industry is definitely not for the wishy-washy person. It is something that you really want to have to do. The entertainment industry is filled with hard work and rejection until you are lucky enough to get that big break.


Because being in the public eye is so hard, it’s always good to surround yourself with people who care about you and will ground you. This goes for anyone in the entertainment industry, but especially for the younger ones. We’re glad to see now that Joe Jonas and his brothers have seem to found happiness in what they do and a sense of much deserved freedom in their careers.

The Future of the Fast and Furious Franchise


With the tragic and untimely death of Paul Walker, it seems the fate of the Fast and Furious franchise is currently suspended in limbo. Walker was one of the lead characters in the 6 movie series, and he was one of the anchors that tied down original grittiness and realism to an ever growing movie series.


Walker and the rest of the cast were currently filming the 7th movie and have since halted production until some kind of decision can be made. It will be hard going forward. The director has a couple of options: if Walker had filmed all of his scenes, the director can move forward and make the rest of the movie; if not then they can write Paul Walker’s character off; or someone can step in and play the character and they can refilm the scenes with the new actor.


We can only wait and see what will happen next.

Actors To Lookout For: Daniel Radcliffe

Although Daniel Radcliffe has had amazing success with the 8 movies from the Harry Potter series, he decided that instead of simply retiring on his early success, that he would show the world his continued talent and range.


Since then, Daniel Radcliffe has starred in a musical, in several movies including “The Woman In Black”, “Kill Your Darlings” and “Horns” and in the his show “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” alongside with John Hamm. He has tried his hand at everything and his talent seems to shine through every time, and if nothing else, his work ethic is something to be inspired by.


His forte seems to be in dark comedies, as he shines in “A Young Doctor’s Notebook”, but he can certainly handle many different kinds of genres. If he isn’t already on your radar, Daniel Radcliffe absolutely should be!

Enjoying The Rest of the Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving is over, your initial shopping spree is done thanks to Black Friday (we’re assuming you survived the crowds) and the leftovers have been put away for now (they’ll probably be there for a while) so what do you do with the rest of the day? You snuggle up and watch some good movies!

Want something classic? We suggest “The Wizard of Oz”. You’ve probably seen it 100 times before, but seeing it again always puts you in a good mood!

Want something to put you in the Christmas mood? Watch “Love Actually”. It’s both a romantic comedy and takes place during the holidays. It’s been 10 years since it first premiered, you’ll have fun seeing so many now familiar faces.

Feel like dancing? There are a lot to choose from, nothing is better than “Dirty Dancing”! The big move makes you excited every time.


Got A LOT of time? Watch all 3 of them.


Getting Into Character

Getting into character is vital to an actor! I go over character analysis and a few exercises to help you get into character.

Giving Viewers The Full Experience

With movie budgets getting bigger and bigger, there is less room for failure. So how do advertisers ensure that the buzz around their movie is long lasting? The latest advertising move is putting the world of the movie into the real one. “Catching Fire” did a great job of this with their Capitol Couture website and mixing real world fashion with that of the fictional one.


THe same is happening for the new X-Men movie. We see fake commercials  for non-existent sentinels (that are somehow reminiscent of Transformers robots, but on a smaller scale) and now we have an entire website dedicated to the conspiracy of Magneto being the one who was responsible for JFK’s death. These obviously aren’t real, but it’s very clever form of advertising. For those who do know what this is for: they get previews of what’s to come in the movie. For those who have no clue what’s going on: they will become curious and want to know more and that is how buzz is created.


But can all these integrations from the movie world into our world equal movie success? If the opening weekend numbers for “Catching Fire” are any indication, then we might say yes. Let’s see if the same will happen for “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.